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You wanna know more about me?! I’m flattered. But where to begin…

Well, for starters, I’m a born and raised SoCal millennial. And generally as they go, I love the sunshine, Taylor Swift, and some good avocado toast. But that’s pretty much as millennial as I get.

Okayyy…I have bounced around between more schools and career ambitions than my family cares to remember. But all that hopping around has lead me to where I am today–writing to the great expanse of the internet! *Buh-dum-tsss*

For real, I’m a Certified Nutritionist with a Master’s in nutrition from Bastyr University, California. My education incorporated everything from the latest evidence-based nutrition science, to dietary chronic disease management, behavior change psychology, culinary skills, global health care infrastructure, and more. Basically, I got to geek out about health and food every day alongside some really knowledgeable people.

And now I’m on the hunt to share my expertise in the best possible way I can. We’ll just have to see where that takes me.

From what I’ve learned so far, in school and in life, is that there are many approaches to health and wellbeing. But one of the most impactful is (surprise, surprise) eating good food. With each meal, we have the power to provide our bodies with the nutrition it needs to keep us going day-in-and-day-out, but also to stave away illness and ensure we live as long and as well as we have the resolve for.

Eat well to be well. That’s my governing philosophy. And I hope to teach you a thing or two while you’re here.

Cheers, Jessica

My Education & Credentials

In case you’d like to know more about my authority on the internet. 


Bastyr University

MS in Nutrition for Wellness


University of San Diego

BA in English with an Emphasis in Creative Writing, Minor in Environmental Studies


Certified Nutritionist

State of Washington Department of Health – CN (#NU61092857)


Certified Sports Nutritionist

American Fitness Professionals & Associates – CSN (#9704)


Babbling on the Internet


Experimental Cooking

What could possibly go wrong?

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